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In the early 1990's youth minister Geof Kledzik searched for a way to network with other youth ministers online.  He found an interdenominational youth ministers email list that he quickly joined.  He was receiving up to 200 messages a day - most of which had nothing to do with youth ministry.  Many participants were even theologically bashing one another.  Geof removed himself from that list and vowed to create his own email list where Catholic youth ministers could support one another.

The list quickly grew to about 200 youth ministers from around the world.  As new ministers signed on, others might drop off.  Over and over again, the same questions would be asked.  Many of the responses were repeated each month.  What was needed was a series of web pages to serve these youth ministers - a place where all this information can be stored and shared with anyone that needed it.  The Youth Ministry Network was born!

The pages are always being updated as the face of youth ministry changes. 
Currently there are over 1,000 participants on our list!

Current updates include...'s FREE Email List 
    Spring 2004 you will find a bigger & better Email List!
    Daily or weekly mailings, various topic streams, & much more!

Publishers List
    Fall 2004 you will find a searchable database of several publishers.
    Why search the entire internet when you can get access to everything right here?
    FREE service to youth ministers!

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